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What is the minimum quantity that allows you to take my surpluses?

The purchase is possible if the product of the nominal value by the available quantity is sufficient to justify a deal. Except for high-value items, opened packaging is generally difficult to value.

What information do you need for my redundant stock ?

Quantities and trademarks or generic names are obviously essential.Concerning the merchandise we can remarket, we need to know the year of purchase, the type of packaging and the origin.In many cases, a certificate of analysis will be necessary for the realization of a deal.Depending on the product category, its control can be carried out by ourselves or by the buyer.Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to have the documents from the manufacturer.

Can we resell formulated materials?

This is not our vocation, but we work with partners who are capable to take:Paintings: surplus, downgraded…Detergent and maintenance products: oddment, destorage.Cosmetics and perfumes: former ranges.

Recyclable packaging

The recycling of packaging is subjected to a strict rule and these must be considered as waste in the same way as their contents if not washed. Only authorized companies can make the wash.If you wish to resell clean packaging, we have solutions.Our customers are especially interested in 1000 litre containers.

Obsolete pigments or chemicals

The lapsing is linked to criteria established by the producers or the users themselves, which does not entail a non-conformity for a buyer.For instance, some food additives are useful in industrial applications for which this parameter is not taken into account.

Labelling and legal documents

The rules evolve constantly and the classification of a chemical can have changed since it arrived on the market. We update our files concerning the labelling of the hazards, ADR and compulsory mentions.We are capable of helping you to establish a load statement for dangerous materials if necessary.


The seller’s name is not mentioned in a deal and remains confidential.The goods we buy are stored in our warehouse, controlled qualitatively and quantitatively, and are resold without the previous holder markings.

Chemicals recycling

The chemicals we resell are new products in their original packing, apart exceptions. We also propose recycled materials, the purity of which is sufficient to interest users.

Valuation of waste chemicals

We do not treat waste.The products we resell must be ready to use.If a treatment makes it available on the market, we can consider solutions.

Laboratory chemicals

In most cases, it is difficult to envisage the resumption of laboratory products.According to the quantities, it has to be studied case by case.Unsealed packaging has to be banned.