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Buying – Selling surplus chemicals

Our know-how in purchasing and selling surplus of raw materials from the chemical and para-chemical industry:

Chemicals: Organic and non-organic
Detergents, cleaning products and cosmetics: Surfactants, perfumes, dyes and preservatives
Paints and glues: Resins, pigments, dyes, additives such as antioxidants, biocides and polymers
Perfumes: Extracts and various aromatic compounds.

– Concerned materials are the result of destockage, change in formulation, change of the market.
– It also concerns products considered as outdated due to restrictions linked to a specific activity. There are however re-use possibilities.
– Packagings, unless exception, are original ones.
– If you wish to sell an off spec product, please give us the precise explanation.
– We do not deal with waste products, but we can eventually inform you of companies who do.

Sell your surplus stocks :

– Send your surplus list through your most convenient mean.
– Please precise nature and quantities.
– We will inform you by return of possible terms of transaction.

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Get our stocklist :

– We regularly give information on our current offers.
– You may be on our mailing list upon simple request, free of charge.

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You may also keep us informed of the list of products that could be of interest to you. We will then send you personalized offers.

Please check our FAQ page to get answers to other questions.